So, we’re a full week into January and pretty much a week into lockdown 3.0. Forgetting the usual resolutions, in this time of yet another period of staying at home, I think it’s better to be kind to yourself, not put massive pressures on your ability to ‘self-improve’, take one day at time and go […]

January 10, 2021

A London Blonde - The Little Joys of Lockdown

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I have wavy, sometimes curly hair that tends to frizz, so over the years I have been on a quest to find things to tame and control my hair. I like a sleek, but volumised blow dry and these are the products that help me try to achieve that – as long as humidity, mizzle, […]

December 6, 2020

My Hair Heros A London Blonde Blog

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I have been asked by a couple of people, (yes, really!) for a starter skincare routine. What to do if you’ve never really had a proper beauty routine or have lost your way. So, if you’re a skincare aficionado, this week’s post is probably not for you! First thing’s first, the key, I personally think, […]

November 29, 2020

Back to Basics

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How have we reached THAT time of year? So many people seem to be putting up their decorations early, but I haven’t yet. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas, but I feel I peak too early on the excitement level if they go up before 1st December. One of my favourite things about Christmas […]

November 22, 2020

Christmas Gift Guide from A London Blonde

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I have to admit, I look longingly every year at all the amazing beauty and fragrance advent calendars and gift sets and whilst I know they are all exceptional value, they are all sadly still super expensive and out of my reach at a time of year when your mind and wallet are focused on […]

November 15, 2020

Selfridges Beauty Box

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Until a few years ago I hadn’t. I had assumed it was because I wasn’t at that stage of life yet and I tend to find when you’re suddenly interested in something or read something relevant to you, you then start to see it everywhere. But, no, I just don’t think it’s talked about enough. […]

November 1, 2020

A London Blonde Blogger. Peri Menopause Post

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