Hi, I'm Hannah, I'm a 45 year old Director of Marketing & Communications working in hospitality.

 I wanted to start this blog to have a creative outlet outside of work, to be able to talk in my own voice about issues I'm passionate about. 

As a ‘resting’ dancer in a previous life, I worked for Estée Lauder as a temp and trained on many brands which I loved. I have always looked after my skin and love talking beauty and skincare with anyone who'll listen, so that will feature heavily here!  

My other 'resting job' was waitressing which is how I fell into hospitality, then discovered a passion for marketing. I've been working in marketing now way longer than I danced. 

I also suffer from Endometriosis, a disease that affects 1 in 10 women, but so many people have still never heard of it, or don't understand it. I'd like to shed some light, dispel some myths, and share ways that I've found to cope and help. 

 To coin a cliché, I really do believe life does get better when you get older. Post 40 I am more at ease with myself and accepting of my choices and the things life has thrown at me. Different strokes for different folks and all, there are other options to 2.4 children and your life doesn't have to be any less full if you aren't the norm. I will always raise a glass of champagne to that...

So welcome, please feel free to comment and share, I hope you enjoy.
Hannah x

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