Can We Please Talk About Menopause?

  1. Hannah Mayhew says:

    Another excellent piece. You are so brave to ‘woman up’ to the medical profession who can all too often fob you off. It takes courage and tenacity to push for the right treatment especially when you’re feeling out of control with so many different symptoms. I totally admire you and am really grateful for this post. Xx

  2. Isabel R says:

    Thank you for this. And good on you for being fierce and fighting for this (though, indeed, *why* should it be a fight?!). Thank you.

    • Hannah Berry says:

      Thanks Isabel, indeed, why?! Let’s hope the more we talk about it, the better it will get. x

  3. Tanya Yilmaz says:

    H, what a wonderful sight and experience to read your blog here …
    Such an interning read and thoroughly informative !!
    I must admit I’ve been suffering from
    Night sweats for years and years but have no other symptoms … I turn 50 this year so I should probably go get checked out for menopause !
    Much love, TY x

    • Hannah Berry says:

      Hi TY!! How are you? Thanks so much. Definitely look at getting some HRT, it’s preventative as well for Osteoporosis, Cardiac disease and Dementia, and watch the Davina McCall documentary on All 4, Sex, Myths and the Menopause! xx

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